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Established in 1994, Green World is a transnational group engaged in research and development, production and marketing of health care products.

To be Sustainable business enterprise in the health and Wealth industry.

To be a world leading distributor of quality brands of organic herbal nutritional health care products.

Dedicated to serve the needs of our customers in a professional and dignified manne

We have fully-trained staff members, including physicians and pharmacists with several years’ experience who answer customers’ questions about prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines.


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 Register Online. Register online and receive your International Distributor No, we will come to you to present Green World and teach you all the processes involved to be a distributor and start making money.

Green World products reach almost 300 hundreds varieties which can be classified into 8 categories such as health care products, food, health care devices, personal care products, skin care products, home care products, tourmaline devices and ornament, and organic bio-fertilizer